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There are occasions when it becomes necessary to valuate a company. Such occasions include company acquisitions and sales, tax requirements or inheritance disputes.

Depending on the respective occasion for valuation, a meaningful determination of value requires varying valuation approaches. We would love to support you as neutral experts, consultants or arbitrators/facilitators, whichever the occasion requires.

Our valuation approach is comprehensive, with individual support at any point in time and for every step of the process.

The typical process sequence is as follows – always with room for adjustments to your needs:


  • Kick-off with the client
  • Definition of the valuation order
  • Obtaining relevant information and documents for valuation from the client


  • Analysis of past data
  • Analysis of the current company situation, market analyses
  • Identification of value drivers
  • Plausibility check/generation of planning models


  • Generation of situation-specific valuation models
  • Determination of capitalisation interest rates based on established, scientifically sound methods
  • Plausibility check of determined company values through complementary methods


  • On request, detailed explanations and presentation of valuation results
  • Delivery of final valuation opinions

Valuation of intangible assets

Our service:

occasion-specific and appropriate valuation of intangible assets

Added value for you:

  • value-increasing potential of intangible assets is utilised to its full extent
  • exploration of new financing opportunities
  • appropriate prospect regarding the value of intangible assets which are equally important to shareholders, employees and customers

Our services in detail:

  • identification and definition of intangible assets
  • valuation according to methods geared to market price, costs and capitalised value
  • support for controlling through valuating intangible assets
  • valuation in the context of external reporting (commercial law, tax law, national, international)
  • support in determining appropriate, internal company transfer prices for intangible assets

statement regarding the appropriateness of management decisions (fairness opinion)

Our service:

independent, objective fairness opinions

Added value for you:

  • valuable decision-making aid for entrepreneurial initiatives
  • proof of diligent and proper management

Our services in detail:

  • transaction description/assessment in aggregated form (opinion letter)
  • detailed description of assessment background and method (valuation memorandum)
  • diligent and comprehensive risk assessment (economic, financial, tax, legal)
  • valuation according to numerous established valuation methods
  • clear and compelling documentation

Purchase price allocation/impairment testing

Our service:

assessment of accounting-specific as well as valuation-specific circumstances and analyses for adequate representation of circumstances in annual statements

Added value for you:

  • auditors and consultants with long years of experience
  • professional planning and valuation models
  • transparent and appropriate determination of purchase price allocations and possible need for impairment of value
  • combination of comprehensive balancing and valuation expertise

Our services in detail:

  • consulting for creating customised valuation models for impairment testing
  • carrying out scenario and sensitivity analyses
  • consulting for generating annual and consolidated financial statements
  • support in complex balancing and valuation matters

Expert valuation

Our service:

as neutral experts, we determine appropriate company values independently and objectively

Added value for you:

  • beneficial long-term experience in drafting judicial and private opinions
  • cooperation with renowned valuation experts from the field of jurisprudence
  • qualified and expert representation of the opinion in court

Our services in detail:

  • determination of entitlement to severance pay and compensation payment for resigning shareholders
  • determination of severance pay amounts for resigning partners
  • distribution of surplus determination for communities of acquisitions

Investment valuation

Our service:

determination of fair values of existing investments based on capital value calculations (earning power/DCF method)

Added value for you:

  • auditors and consultants with long years of experience in national and international annual/consolidated financial statement audits
  • professional and transparent determination of investment values
  • valuation models custom-tailored to your situation

Our services in detail:

  • legal form-specific valuation with consideration to industry specifics
  • appropriate and customised investment valuation incorporating potential synergies, planned measures, profit tax etc.
  • individual analysis of balancing effects

Book recommendations on the topic

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