Company succession

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The survival of a company as well as its prospects for success often hinge on one single momentum: (timely) clarification of succession.

This has legal as well as tax-related and economic implications, which are often multilayer and complex. For this reason, we consider succession management as a process which requires time to be made.

  • Custom succession planning for your company.
  • Our goal: an ideal comprehensive solution for both entrepreneur and enterprise.

Review of articles of association

We review articles of association and pay particular attention to the harmonisation with necessary wills.

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Assessment of profit tax consequences

We predict profit tax consequences (income tax, corporate tax, trade tax) of planned transfers and develop tax-optimised designs.

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Valuation of companies and investments

We valuate companies and investments for you to facilitate an appropriate, joint assessment of possible economic and tax risks and consequences.

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Consulting regarding foundations

Foundations and other charitable organisations are a proven means for designing company transfers. We investigate your possibilities for you.

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 • Dr. Friedrich Helmert • Dr. Michael Kaufmann • Kerstin Ullerich

Drafting inheritance and gift tax declarations

As soon as the concept is designed, we will draft all required tax declarations for you.

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 • Dr. Friedrich Helmert • Bettina Austermann

Drafting powers of attorney and living wills

Although no one likes to think about it: emergencies should always be clearly sorted. We will draft the necessary documents with you. This way, you stay capable of action in any case.

Your contact person:

Dr. Friedrich Helmert

Auditor, tax consultant, attorney, of counsel (Münster)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2 51/28 08-151

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Kerstin Ullerich

Attorney, tax consultant, specialist attorney for inheritance law, Münster

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