Since quality sets the right standards.

For us, high quality standards are a matter of course. We work on realising them every day, together and with full commitment. This is why recognition makes us even happier.

For our work we have received numerous awards and prizes. Here is a selection:

Best tax consultants & auditors 2020 (“Handelsblatt” award)

For the third consecutive time, we have been distinguished by the Handelsblatt as one of the best firms in Germany. Besides questionnaires regarding their services, participants of the ranking were also asked to answer questions regarding general trends in their professional field and the framework conditions of their work.

Best tax consultants
Award for subject areas: International Tax Law
Award Industry: Trade

Best auditors
Award for subject areas: Accounting

Roughly 5,000 firms from all over Germany participated in the study commissioned by the Handelsblatt and conducted by Hamburg market research company S.W.I Finance.

TOP tax firm 2020 (“FOCUS SPEZIAL” ranking)

This year we’re listed already for the sixth time in a row on the nationwide list of top tax consulting firms issued by the German Magazine FOCUS-SPECIAL "Steuerberater".

We achieved this in 2 areas:
“Enforcement towards fiscal authorities/administrative enforcement and auditing”

This was the result of a survey among 1500 tax consultants and auditors conducted by independent institute Statista. The selection was made based on recommendations by colleagues from the respective fields. An additional criterion for evaluation consisted of the professionals’ verifiable additional qualifications.

Top consultant for companies 2020 (award by specialist publisher “JUVE”)

Following the award in 2019, we were awarded 3 stars each for our two locations in 2020 by the specialist publisher JUVE. We are very pleased about this renewed appreciation.

The JUVE tax guide on Münster: “The multidisciplinary partnership, one of the leading consulting units in the Münster region, has further sharpened its profile. Through its membership of the HLB network, it has recently generated a lot of foreign business, especially in Europe, but also in the USA and South East Asia, where outbound activities predominate..."

Regarding the Leipzig location, the publisher states the following: “The Leipzig office of the tax consultancy and auditing firm has a completely independent business on site, independent of the HLB Schumacher headquarters in Münster, and thus stands out from comparable competitors such as Bansbach. The need for consulting services is increasing visibly...”

Kanzlei Dossier JUVE Handbuch Steuern 2019

Servicekrone Deutschland® for customer satisfaction and service quality 2013

In the context of an anonymous survey conducted in early 2013 by an external consulting institute, our clients gave us the overall grade 1.8 for overall satisfaction. 96% of persons surveyed were happy to be with us.

Based on these good results, we received the seal of quality of Servicekrone Deutschland® for customer satisfaction and service quality.

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Firm innovation award 2012

Specialist publisher JUVE has awarded us 2 and 3 stars in 2019. We are very happy about this award.

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