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Comprehensive consulting for a company involves an analysis of corporate assets as well as private assets.

We analyse the financial situation in the context of asset and financial planning, creating transparency and pointing out development potential in the context of budgeting. The goal here is not to sell investment products, but solely to objectively analyse the asset structure and to devise suggestions for improvement. The aim of our consulting is to create transparency for our clients and to provide decision-making capacity. This allows for the deduction of strategic, provider-independent optimisation opportunities. Implementation success can be verified regularly by means of target/actual comparisons. This way, we render our clients capable of harmonising financial targets and private plans for the future.

“He who works all day has no time to make money.”

John D. Rockefeller

Is that true for you as well?

Faced with the many pressing matters of our day-to-day professional life, we often forget the most significant things: we lose sight of our goals, mainly in our private lives, and often act without any plan.

Time and again, we face the following questions regarding private asset planning – which often remain unanswered:

  • where do I actually stand today, financially?
  • How are my assets structured?
  • Is everything developing as successfully as I imagine?
  • When will I be out of debt?
  • How much do I have to earn every year until then?
  • How long will I have to work at minimum?
  • Will I always be solvent then?
  • Will I be able to fulfil my biggest wishes at some point?
  • What happens in case of sickness, disability or death?

Finally, everything revolves around this question:

what is the course of my assets?

Answering it is easier than you think.

With the help of a professional EDP program, we generate your private financial balance sheet. This constitutes a reliable basis for strategic asset orientation as well as inheritance and succession advice.

Thanks to our specialised software, we have structured diagrams and tables to demonstrate the course your assets will take. It allows us to project time periods of up to 20 years. Future developments can be simulate to demonstrate potential for optimisation as well as its extent.


In a solid inventory, we take stock of your entire asset situation and analyse it with you. This way we create transparency regarding your assets, your income and expenditure and your financial obligations.

We carry out this comprehensive approach in four steps:

Actual state

We clearly and comprehensibly represent the actual state of your assets, your income/expenditure as well as your tax burden. Effective immediately, the structuring of your finances enables you to act more tactical in all financial matters.


We evaluate provided data and demonstrate to you in detail how your financial conditions will develop in the future. Based on these facts, you can review your targets. You will become clear of the courses your assets can take.


At this point, we will determine necessary action together. If you want, we can delineate the effects of these actions comparatively. We contemplate the measures that can be taken to optimise asset accumulation step by step and to get rid of unnecessary ballast. Particular issues can make it necessary to consult with expert advisers. The decision is yours.


Once a predefined time period has expired, you will wonder if your assets developed as planned. Regular result monitoring frees you from this uncertainty. Our updates bring everything up to speed and enable you to evaluate your strategies.

Why would you carry out your asset planning with us and not with a different consultant?

The main difference between us and many other consultants is the fundamental approach behind our asset planning.

Other consultants will tend to provide product-based advice, since they always have to keep in mind selling their own products. In contrast, we examine your financial situation according to the transparency-oriented principle since we don’t want to sell you anything, but rather to analyse objectively whether or not your assets can be optimised by certain measures.

Besides, most consultants only focus on a part of your assets, while we see you as a whole in our planning. From us, you will receive comprehensive consulting.

Upon extensive discussion, you will determine your three most important goals. Jointly, we will establish possible courses of action as well as measures. As a result, you will receive a report in which we comprehensibly outline the course your assets are about to take according to your wishes. If requested, we will monitor whether or not the desired success has materialised on a yearly basis and will illustrate the target/actual deviations for you in an understandable way. On the basis of these deviations we can contemplate whether or not your personal result can be further improved by taking other measures.

One thing is for certain: our private asset planning has introduced transparency into your assets and you will engage with their development much more intensively than previously. Which is a good thing. A study conducted by a large German bank has shown that intensive engagement with one’s assets increases return rates by roughly 1,5% per year.

Contact us if you are interested in an independent analysis of your financial situation.

Examples for possible evaluation measures

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