Analysis. Evaluation. Recommendation.

Excellence from start to finish.

What’s most important: we are passionate about auditing. Our services therefore go far beyond checking numbers and observing formal legal provisions.


To us, auditing is not an “acquisition tool” for consulting commissions but a future-oriented service toward secure and sustainable corporate development.

  • Our focus: family-owned companies and medium-sized corporations.
  • We guarantee target-oriented consulting. Across generations.
  • Your advantages: short decision-making paths, comprehensive perspective, vital information for the right corporate decisions.

Annual audit

  • Audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements according to German HGB and IFRS
  • Auditing review of annual financial statements, interim reports and financial information
  • Auditing of the regularity of management according to § 53 Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz

Other auditing and consulting services

  • Due diligence for company acquisitions and sales
  • Transaction-related statutory and voluntary audits and approval services
  • Carrying out special audits according to stock corporation, GmbH and transformation law
  • Audits according to energy law provisions, e.g. EEG, KWK-G
  • Auditing of expenditure reports connected to public funding
  • Auditing for application of funds in charitable institutions, e.g. foundations
  • Auditing according to packaging law provisions
  • Consulting for drafting and reviewing sustainability reports
  • Auditing according to credit and securities trading law
  • Auditing according to German real estate agents’ and commercial contractors’ ordinance
  • Auditing and consulting in assessing the existence of reasons for opening insolvency proceedings
  • Accounting consulting, e.g. statements regarding complex reporting matters, accounting conversion to IFRS as well as the introduction of new standards, accounting organisation and optimisation, in-house training etc.

Your contact persons

Dr. Dietmar Janzen, MBA • Dr. Tobias Tebben • Dr. Michael Kaufmann

Comprehensive risk management

Internal control system

  • Assessment of internal control system security
  • Consulting for introducing new systems and improving existing systems

Risk and compliance management

  • Support in introducing risk and compliance management systems
  • Auditing existing risk and compliance management systems

Internal audit

  • Support of the existing organisation and carrying out internal audit tasks
  • Design and implementation for establishing and expanding the auditing department
  • Quality assurance and quality improvement for evaluating the effectiveness of the internal auditing system
  • Special investigations in cases of fraud or embezzlement

Your contact persons

Dr. Tobias Tebben

Your contact person:


Dr. Tobias Tebben

Partner, auditor, tax consultant (Münster)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2 51/28 08-161

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